Zero Tolerance Statement

                         Zero Tolerance Statement



at the


Please keep up to date with any changes to government advice and be aware of any restrictions requiring vaccination.

You can book your local COVID-19 Vaccination at the Winding Wheel via this link    or call 01246 903 225

  • 4th August 08:00-17:00

  • 5th August 08:00-17:00

  • 6th August 08:00-17:00

  • 7th August 08:00-17:00

  • 8th August 08:00-17:00

  • 11th August 08:00-17:00

  • 12th August 08:00-17:00

  • 15th August 08:00-17:00

Please Note: The clinics at The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield will close on the 15th of August and will not be available again until the 7th of September

Derby Arena MVC 

operational 8:00-18:30 and will have capacity to accept walk in appointments or book via NBS

  •     Wednesday 4th August

  •     Thursday 5th August

  •      Friday 6th August

  •      Saturday 7th August

  •      Sunday 8th August

  •      Monday 9th August

  •      Tuesday 10th August

  •      Wednesday 11th August

  •      Thursday 12th August

  •      Friday 13th August

  •      Saturday 14th August

  •      Sunday 15th August


updated 3/8/21

Please see below a copy of the Press release regarding Data extraction and opt-out

The Current NHS Digital (NHSD) extract for Research purpose (known as GDPR) has been delayed due to NHSD wishing to review the way in which this data will be collected, to conduct more public involvement and information about the plans and change the way in which patients can opt-out of the extract of there GP data.

Currently the only way to opt-out is to complete a Type 1 opt-out form and return this to the practice by the 1st of September. However, this extract will not be taken until the NHSD have changed the way it will take the data and respect the patient's choice for using the data. NHSD are introducing the following changes to the opt-out process which will mean that patients will be able to change their opt-out status at any time:-

  • Patients do not need to register a Type 1 opt-out by 1st of September to ensure their GP data will not be uploaded.

  • NHS Digital will create the technical means to allow GP data that has previously been uploaded to the system via the GDPR collection to be deleted when someone registers a Type 1 opt-out.

  • The plan to retire Type 1 opt-outs will be deferred for at least 12-months while we get the new arrangements up and running and will not be implemented without consultation with the RCGP, the BMA and the National Data Guardian. 

This means that you can opt-out at any time in the future and NHSD will delete data that they already have taken for research purposes, the deadline of the 01/09/2021 has been delayed until a new system of opt-out is developed. Hopefully, this will a simple centralised approach via the NHS app or NHS website to avoid paper form and administration work for your GP.

We will update you when we know more about the NHSD plans to change how you can control who has access to your data.

updated 22/7/21

For more Information on Hayfever please click on the following link:

Hayfever Info

Update - July 2021

Update Covid-19


Corona Virus Vaccination

Over the next few weeks and months please DO NOT contact the surgery to enquire about the Covid Vaccination.  Someone will contact you with further details when you become eligible. This may not necessarily be someone from Oakhill, they may be from the vaccination team.

For further information and updates please use the following link for the Chesterfield and Dronfield Primary Care Network page:


Face Coverings

From 15 June if we ask you to attend the surgery we ask that you wear a face covering.


Update 29 May 2020

Most people are choosing to stay at home at present and avoid non-essential contact to reduce the risk of catching and spreading Coronavirus - thankyou for your help in doing this. However the practice is still open and you can still contact us, especially if you have an urgent condition that you are worried about. We are still offering telephone consultations if you call before 10:30 and if you have something we need to see such as a rash or lump you can email a photo to us or we can have an online consultation.

When contacting the practice please advise us if you have a temperature, a continuous cough or if your sense of smell or taste have changed as these are the main covid 19 symptoms and if you leave your home you risk infecting other, including those who could be made seriously ill by the virus or may not survive it

Please watch this video created by Derbyshire Local Medical Committee (LMC)


If you have to go outside to do essential tasks or exercise, stay at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from other people

If your symptoms are manageable at home and you would not ordinarily require medical attention please DO NOT ATTEND OR CALL your GP surgery or 111.

You can use the 111 ONLINE service



Do NOT visit the surgery unless asked by a member of our team

Our phone lines are OPEN

We CAN NOT advise you whether you should self isolate

NO PAPER prescriptions will be accepted



Medication Reviews

We no longer book GP appointments for medication reviews, if your medication needs to be reviewed the GP will check your notes and advise the reception team if they need to see you or not. This system has released a lot of GP appointments and enabled us to arrange tests prior to seeing the GP where necessary.

Zero Tolerance

The vast majority of our patients are polite and reasonable, however recently we have had a few patients who have behaved in an intimidating and aggressive manner with reception staff. This will not be tolerated, the receptionists try to help patients, sometimes in very difficult circumstances. If you behave in a manner we do not consider acceptable you will be removed from the Practice list.

Please remember that all calls are recorded.

Letters for Schools/Examination Boards

Please note we do not provide letters for schools or exam boards, this is not a service commissioned by the NHS, if you want to request a private letter the charge will be a minimum of £50 but we will only do this if workloads permit.

It may be worth checking the Special Considerations with your exam Board as it is only granted in exceptional circumstances.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018, follow these links for information on how we protect your data.

OMP Privacy Notice

GDPR Patient Leaflet

The NHS is looking to save 100 million pounds a year on the prescribing of medications to treat 'minor ailments'. Consequently GPs will no longer prescribe for:

  • Acute sore throats.
  • Cold sores.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Coughs and colds.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Cradle cap (seborrhoeic dermatitis).
  • Haemorrhoids.
  • Infant colic.
  • Mild cystitis.
  • Mild irritant dermatitis.
  • Dandruff.
  • Infrequent diarrhoea or constipation.
  • Dry or sore eyes.
  • Earwax.
  • Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis).
  • Head lice.
  • Indigestion.
  • Heartburn.
  • Infrequent migraines.
  • Insect bites and stings.
  • Mild acne and/or dry skin.
  • Sunburn or the need for sun protection.
  • Mild to moderate hay fever.
  • Seasonal rhinitis.
  • Minor burns and scalds.
  • Mild pain, discomfort and/fever (e.g. aches and sprains, headache, period pain, back pain).
  • Mouth ulcers.
  • Nappy rash.
  • Oral thrush.
  • Prevention of dental caries.
  • Athletes foot
  • Teething.
  • Toothache.
  • Ringworm or threadworm.
  • Travel sickness
  • Warts or verrucas.

Making a GP appointment

Reception staff will be asking why patients want a GP appointment rather than just booking them as we have done in the past. We are making this change as like most practices, demand for GP time is much greater than we can possibly supply, however audits have found that 25-30% of appointments booked are unnecessary, the top reasons are for:

Self-limiting conditions such as sore throats, coughs and colds, bowel problems, insect bites, morning sickness etc for which patients can self care or see a pharmacist.

Things that are NOT in the GP contract such as letters for schools/Insurance companies/Employers/DVLA etc. This is private work, should be requested from the Administrator or Practice Manager and a fee will be payable.

Research Projects, if you have received a letter about Research, this should be discussed with the Research team as mentioned in the letter NOT a GP.

Medical matters that other members of the Primary Care team deal with such as Practice Nurse, Health Visitor, Healthcare Assistant, Counsellor, physiotherapist, Midwife etc.


This is going to be quite a challenge but it is necessary in order to use the finite number of GP appointments we have as effectively as we possibly can. We will be evaluating this and naturally patient satisfaction will be a big part of the evaluation

Home Visit Requests

We only do home visits for people who cannot get out of the house at all and will not improve. We have recently had requests from patients who have been out and about all day and suddenly fall ill and from families with flu who feel they are too tired to get to the practice, these are inappropriate Home Visit requests and a drain on GP time and NHS resources. Please note Home Visits are only for patients we have registered as housebound, people who are never going to improve and people who are at the end of their lives.

School Aged Vaccinations

Please note that the contract to provide vaccinations to young people aged 5-16 was awarded to Derbyshire Community Health Services in September 2015. All vaccinations from that date will be done in schools, they have access to you child's medical records so will be able to check the status of all vaccination schedules, if you have any enquiries you can contact them on 01283 707170.

If you require a copy of your vaccination history there will be a charge of £5 or you can access this via Online Services.

Cancelling Appointments

We have an increasing problem with people failing to attend for appointment booked earlier on the same day, this is very frustrating as we could have given their appointment to another patient that needed it. We now have a voicemail for you to leave cancellation messages, call reception and press option 3. Please give us enough notice to call other patients to offer the cancelled appointment to them,

The crisis in General Practice

There is a major crisis in General Practice-unless you never read the papers or watch the TV news or catch up on the internet we are sure that everyone is aware of this.

Yet despite this having been headline news for a long time now, we still have many complaints about not being able to see a certain GP at a certain time on a certain day or that our appointment system is 'a lottery' or that GPs don't give patients enough time.

Virtually every practice in the country has the same problems, our Doctors work very long hours, many unpaid, and do our very best to provide a safe, efficient service  with more & more work coming in and less resources to deal with it. In future we will not be doing any work that isn't contractual or funded to try to enable us to do our job safely and efficiently.

To help us manage demand wee ask you to consider the following before booking an appointment.

How long have you been ill? Do you have something that might go away by itself in time maybe with self care or help from the local pharmacy such as a viral infection, cough, cold, eye infection, constipation, diahorrea, back pain, headache, migraine, eczema, acne, heartburn, indigestion?

There is information on self care on this website or at

DNAs (Did not attend)

Even at this current time of crisis many appointments are wasted in by patients not turning up and not having the courtesy to let us know they didn't need their appointment so that we can offer it to someone else.

If you need to cancel your appointment please call us or do so online.

Online Services


 This practice currently offers the facility for patients:

  • to book, view, amend, cancel and print appointments online

  • to order online, view and print a list of their repeat prescriptions for drugs, medicines or appliances

  • to view online, export or print summary information from their record, relating to medications, allergies, adverse reactions and any other items agreed between the practice and individual patient.

Publication of GP Earnings

All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice.  The average pay for GPs working in Oakhill Medical Practice in the last financial year was £92,129 before tax and national insurance.  This is for 2 full time GPs and 2 part time GPs who worked in the practice for more than six months

Named Accountable GP

All patients have a named accountable GP, if you don't know who yours is please ask.

Health Checks

If you are 40-74 and don't have a Long Term Condition such as Diabetes or Heart Disease we can offer you a free 20-30 minute Health Check to assess your risk of developing a Long Term Condition along with advice on Healthy Lifestyles.


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