Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions will be issued at the doctor’s discretion and are normally for patients on long-term treatment. When you need a repeat prescription there are a number of ways to place an order:

Please allow two full working days for prescriptions to be processed and remember to take weekends and bank holidays into account.

There is also a delivery service for our housebound patients, speak to your local pharmacy.

For further information, please see the link below to the Medicine Order Line (MOL) website.




Medication Reviews

We no longer book GP appointments for medication reviews, if your medication needs to be reviewed the GP will check your notes and advise the reception team if they need to see you or not.

This system has released a lot of GP appointments and enabled us to arrange tests prior to seeing the GP where necessary.

Over the Counter Medicines

The NHS is looking to save 100 million pounds a year on the prescribing of medications to treat 'minor ailments'. Consequently GPs will no longer prescribe for the following:

Acute sore throats.

Cold sores.


Coughs and colds.

Nasal congestion.

Cradle cap (seborrhoeic dermatitis).


Infant colic.

Mild cystitis.

Mild irritant dermatitis.


Infrequent diarrhoea or constipation.


Dry or sore eyes.


Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

Head lice.



Infrequent migraines.

Insect bites and stings.

Mild acne and/or dry skin.

Sunburn or the need for sun protection.

Mild to moderate hay fever.

Seasonal rhinitis.


Minor burns and scalds.

Mild pain, discomfort and/fever.

Mouth ulcers.

Nappy rash.

Oral thrush.

Prevention of dental caries.

Athletes foot



Ringworm or threadworm.

Travel sickness

Warts or verrucas.


Medicine Order Line