Practice News

20th Nov 2023

Patient Social Media Policy

Any activity on Facebook or any other social media platform where patients of Oakhill Medical Practice post any derogatory comments about ANY Practice staff or the Practice in general we would like to bring your attantion to the following policy we have in place.


OMP78 - Patient Social Media Zero Tolerance Policy.pdf

If any such posts are brought to our attention this will be viewed as a potential breakdown in the Doctor / Patient relationship and may result in you being removed from our list. If any comments are abusive or extreme we reserve the right to immediately remove you from our list and / or involve the police.

You would not expect to read derogatory comments about your place of work or colleagues, nor do we.  

Please be mindful of what you intend to post, these comments not only affect the practice but the ALL the staff - we are a team.

In the first instance we advise that you contact the practice to discuss any issues you may have, before commencing an attack on a social media forum.

Armed Forces Veteran Friendly
15th Jun 2023

Armed Forces Veteran friendly accredited GP Practice

Oakhill Medical Practice are proud to announce that we are an Armed Forces Veteran Friendly accredited GP Practice.

If you are ex-forces, please let our staff or your GP know to help ensure you are getting the best possible care and treatment.


17th Apr 2023

New Salaried GP

We have today - 17th April 2023  - A new salaried GP starting with us.

Dr Lizzie Williams has been a GP for 7 years and has today joined us at Oakhill Medical Practice.

her working days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays

Speciality - Joint Injections


5th Jul 2022

DNA - Did Not Attend

A DNA occurs when an appointment is not attended and the Patient has not contacted the Practice in advance to cancel it or where the cancellation is so late as to make it impossible to allocate that time to another Patient who needs treatment. This will also be noted on the patients record.

 Oakhill Medical Practice is committed to ensuring that the best possible service is provided to all Patients registered with the Practice.  As with many other GP surgeries we are experiencing a high level of demand for our services.  We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get a routine appointment with a GP or Nurse however, one thing that makes this increasingly difficult to overcome is the problem of missed appointments ie DNAs.

It is disappointing when an appointment is not utilised, when a Patient does not turn up and has not contacted the Practice to cancel the appointment in order for it to be allocated to another patient.

Patient non-attendance at a booked appointment adversely impacts on Practice staff and other Patients in the following manner:

  • The DNA Patient takes the appointment slot of another Patient who could have attended.
  • Increases waiting times for appointments.
  • The time and personnel required to follow-up and rebook DNA Patients diverts Practice staff from other duties and is therefore a waste of resources.

So far this year we have had a total of 211 patients who have NOT attended their appointment, any one of these appointments could have been with either a Doctor, Nurse or HCA or any other health care professional in our surgery who is seeing patients.

In order NOT to become one of our DNA statistics you could sign up to our text messaging appointment reminder: please contact the surgery on 01246 296900

Total DNA 2022.pdf

Abuse Feels Like
2nd Nov 2021